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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

Originally Posted by Lonelyboy View Post

Heating the coals on my stove (even one room between my kitchen and my livingroom) so that shouldnt be a trouble.

As i said i never got this bad before but it could be that i had somekind of sickness like the flu or something 3 weeks ago and maybe my body hadnt fully recovered, anyways it aint good when you get headache from carbon monoxide poisoning and just wanted to point out that, that is a common symptoms that tells you, to take a longer break (at least for some hours and important to take breaths of fresh air).

if you continue it can (in worst case scenario) go very bad.

Bob marley glad to give you a tip
it was the point of this thread
even if my reactions to this was kind of extreme it doesnt hurt to get a reminder every now and then
hope you have a really great weekend and personaly i aint quiting smokeing, just taking a short break now and then in the future taking it more in moderation
actually, that isnt far enough, i have a carbon monoxide detector that is 3 rooms away from my stove, i can light one batch inside, but if i light 2 batches, the detector is beeping for hours.

and this is with the hood on too.

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