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Default Re: Hooka is DIVORCING me :(

Shot 4 the info man, no for real the guy was nigerian but i didn't mean
in any way to be racist haha I actually did get it from the market
man but the thing is, i did what you said bout checking inside for
rust and shit, I CHECKED AN I WAS LIKE "WTF!! NO!!" thanks
for that man i didn even think bout that. thing is, the hub vase
is cute and is light but i'm wonderin if there might be a hole
by the grommits or something cause i checked (after the rust
sighting SCARY STUFF >: ( ) cause if the airflow is excaping
that could be why my pulling is terrible and and no smoke
is residing....?dunno man...i jus dunno...

I actually got my 1st hub from a Palestinian and it works
great but the vase is just losin it coat so i guess thats
wat drove me tpwards the pumpkin... hehe yea man,

shot man for the info thus far
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