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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Ql coals for the win
heh belive that carbon monoxide poisoning doesnt only comes from the coals then more from the incompleteburning of tobaco that produce smoke with carbon monoxidein it (not sure this is true though) but apperantly carbon monoxide can come from normal tobaco smoking too (if i have understanded it right even from cigarettes) but surely coals arent that healthy either.


heh..there you see....good to know too i guess to not heaten to many coals inside...

as this probably was part of the reason of my carbon monoxide poisoning (if it even was carbon monoxide poisoning i had :P )

anyways i just want people to be careful and take it easy when they get headache and so on , dont ignore the signs as i did....
and be precautious and go out and breath some fresh breaths outside even if you dont feels dizzy every now and then....

hmm have also read that if you get carbon monoxide poisoning it wont helpt at the moment to only breath fresh takes a while for carbon monoxide to "leave" your body...

sidenote: i aint a doctor, this is mostly what i have been told by a doctor and read on the internet so take these advices with that in mind (not even sure i have got the info right either)....but nevertheless good to be precatiuos i guess and it aint that harsh to go out and take some breaths..
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