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Default Need help buying a coal burner!

I recently bought 40mm Belgian coals and thought they where QL but found out they're naturals. I would have tossed em to the side and went back to my ******* hookah QL's but after taking the time to light a coal I couldn't belive it... 2 HOURS WITHOUT A WINDCOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the longest lasting coal I have ever had. I cant get a ******* hookah coal to last over 45 min, I would be lucky to get it over 35 min... but these Belgian coals are the most amazing thing I have ever had. Im still tring to process the cleansliness of the coal and came to the conclusion its just as clean tasting as anything else I have tried.

So now that I have these amazing coals I want to start using them but dont want to sit over the oven for 10 min trying to light them, ya they take a LONG time to light over a stovetop flame. So I was thinking of a coil burner or hot plate. I wondering what is the best one available. Price isn't a problem. Although it would be nice to keep it under $50 if possible. I just want something that heats up extremely fast (under 2 min) would be nice and can roast my coal in under 2 min after that. Any ideas everyone?
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