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Default Re: Hookah Issues (Temsah Wheat) :|

I would say lay off the mechanical pencil. The wholes your poking are WAY too small. Your having to pull much harder to get air and heat through the holes which in thus also makes your coals burn much hotter then they need to be. Switch to a thumbtack and push it all the way through. A toothpick also works although most of the time they are too thick so I'd say push one of those half way through the slope of the tip as it gets to be much to thick if you go any further. 18-30 holes are good. My cardinal rule is for however many holes you poke in the middle of the bowl under where you place the coal you should poke half as many as that on the outside rim of the bowl. I poke 13 holes in the middle of my bowl spaced out evenly as possible all along the bottom of where to coal is to be placed and 6 holes on the outer rim of the bowl. This applys to a standard clay bowl that holds 20-30 grams with a 40mm belgian or 3 king. So if your bowl and coal differs then you should use your imagination and see what works for you. Either way, your main problem is the hole size, poke a little bit bigger holes with a thumbtack and ill guarantee you'll be good.
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