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Default Re: Hookah Issues (Temsah Wheat) :|

One thing I noticed with my Wheat is that the downstem is very long and goes deep into the vase. If your vase has the two gold rings as it narrows for the neck, I'm guessing that you aren't even filled up to the lower of the two. I have mine filled to the upper gold ring, which is probably 2-2.5" above the bottom of the stem.

Mine didn't have the ball bearing for the purge valve either - picked up a 1/4" ball bearing from the local hardware store for ~$0.25. As others have suggested, you can use an airsoft BB, but good luck getting just one or two or spending less than $1, lol. Another thing with covering up the purge valve - you can use that to help control the heat and harshness a bit, unless you seal if off.

As for the harshness / heat issues, check your bowl to make sure the holes go all the way through. Most of the egyptian bowls I've ever had have had 1 or more hole that didn't go through all the way and had to be drilled out. I normally use a standard egyptian and single sheet of foil with CH (nats). Holes can be poked any which way - I just scatter them around, but with a pencil tip you aren't getting into the shisha at all. For fine holes, I'll just a safety pin and push it to the bottom of the bowl. Poking into/through the shisha will help it breath better.
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