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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I am indeed glad that you are ok. CO poisoning is nasty stuff. Regarding CO being produced by the incomplete burning of the tobacco, anything that burns will produce CO if it is organic. "Incomplete burning" or not. With hookah you should be avoiding an actual burning of the tobacco as much as possible. When you broil it with indirect heat some CO will be produced but the majority is going to come from the coals as it is prety much burning carbon. This is increased in the case of QL coals. Especially in the ambient levels in the house after lighting.
Nice info kalutika

and just wanna say i like all your comments, they all show that hookah smoking could be dangerous if you are careless and that it is very enjoyable with some smart thinking and good wits

just want to warn people to take the signs/symptoms serious, because for me it went very fast from sitting and having a very nice time to not remembering what is happening, and that signs of headache is a warning sign that you should take a longer brake because even if you just take some quick breaths or something to drink it takes time for the CO to leave your body and be replaced by oxygen, as in most casest if you smoke under an hour it shouldnt be "dangerous" but still it goes fast from feeling "decently" to not feel at all.....

i fully belive that esteban is right about that it is good to be catious and therefor eat before you smoke and have a good amount of water nearby, but even with that if the headache comes you should still take a break....

must say i like tha positive discussion of this topic as it it important (i had no idea you could get CO posioning) and really hope more people read this and smoke in moderation and listen to their bodys

not meaning to flame anything here just got a bit suprised myself and it is good to have reality knocking on your door sometimes to make you understand what you are doing...

I am still promoting hookah and i really think it gives alot of flavour to my life

just glad i am able to learn and handle the disadvantages of it too..

thanks for a great community all
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