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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I love hookah but it's still the inhalation of vapors and chemicals that can have toxicity at too high of a concentration. It's just a simple fact that comes with enjoying the hobby.

I am kind of glad that this thread exists. Not that I am happy were hurt, but rather this is more real to the new kids that don't think there is any danger than someone like me talking about the hypothetical dangers.
Couldnt agrre more!

i am actually kind of glad this happend to me.
for one i got some things to think about myself....
and for second maybe we get some others to think before they go down...
and i would like to put in that even if you arent a kid or even if you are a everyday smoker this is something to considerate because if you dont know what can happen you cant really avoid it... for myself fell down really fast....and i see myself as moderate smoker...
so this info isnt just for the is for all who want to take hooka smoking serious and learn to enjoy it to the fullest...

ohh...a small tip would maybe be to have a window open when you heat your coal or if you are able lit your coals outside to get away some of the CO...not sure thought if this is to any real help....would be glad if someone else can recomend this or prove it hahah....

anyway..keep this great discuison open
Watch and comment!

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