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Default Re: Help in locating an item :)

In all honesty, I recommend the Nammour Hose. It's 100% washable and impossible to rust. It's a very strong and quality hose. I originally had a Mya Cloissone hose which came with my Mya. It ended up rusting after a few months of use. The funny thing is I had never run water through it, not once! And yet it still rusted to crap. By the way, Mya claims this hose to be washable when in fact it's pretty clear that it's not.

You can get the Nammour in blue and also buy a hose cover for it to make it look nice. This is what I did, and it matches my blue Mya perfectly. Also I don't have to ever worry about it rusting, and I'm also able to clean it thoroughly to remove any smell with no worries. Any other non washable hose will just be a ticking time bomb to rust... my 2 cents...
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