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Some lines of Nakhla are better at producing dense clouds than others. In my experience Fakfakhina and regular Nakhla don't produce as thick of clouds as Sheherazade and Mizo tops them all, as that is Nak's juiciest line.

I have also found Nakhla smokes best out of wide, shallow Egyptian or Vortex bowl. I don't get as dense clouds when using my small Mya bowl. I use three natural coals and use a wind cover the first five minutes or so. Then I take it off, ash and rotate the coals and then wait until they shrink down before placing the windcover on again. Mizo tends to be more temperamental with heat than the other lines, but my experience has proven that Nakhla is insanely heat tolerant.

I also poke larger holes in the foil for Nakhla than I would Hookah Hookah or AF. I use a toothpick or thumbtack for the foil, whereas I typically use a sewing pin.
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