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Default Re: Hookah Issues (Temsah Wheat) :|

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I respectfully disagree with the "holes too small" practice. I make very small holes but a lot of them. Reason is it helps keep ash from getting through. When the holes clog I just brush them off. I don't experience any additional difficulty pulling. Just make more holes to compensate for them being so small. For me, same airflow, less ash.
I think, and I may be wrong, but I think most people are talking about the depth more than diameter of the holes. Hell, I use a small safety pin, which is smaller diameter than a mechanical pencil, and I don't go crazy with the number of holes. The thing I do is poke all they way through the tobacco - he's not getting any penetration (waiting for this to show up in out of context thread, lol).

I personally haven't ever felt the need to double up the foil (although I always use HD foil), but I have tried it a couple times... I also smoke Nakhla 95+ percent of the time though, so I'm not as practiced on the juicy varieties.
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