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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

Originally Posted by Lonelyboy View Post
OK here it goes.

this weekend i was hospitalized beacause of smoking to heavily under a short period ( 4 hours in a row).

fainted and had a seizure and felt extremly weak and a killing headache after about 4 hours of smoking (2 persons)

was hospitalized, could probably have gone home earlier but because i had a seizure they had to check for epilepsy, which was good for me because i got to talk to a doctor about it and he explained what probably had happend to me.

he told me this was symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. (see )

that could have ended much worse luckily

in short it means thay you fill your
red blood corpuscles with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen and you kind of choke yourself from the inside.

so we talked a bit and he told me it was ok to smoke but strongly recomended me to take very short sessions (absolutely not more then an hour straight) and if i feel even a little bit dizzyness, quit and go out and takes some deep breaths and keep of the hookah for a while.

to take long sessions even if not seizureing all the time could give symptoms like ******* headache and other heavily sympotms you do not want and if you seizure you could probably get brain damage if you are really unlycky.

just a disclaimer to take some deep breaths of fresh air sometimes and remeber to keep the hookah smoking in moderation as you should with everything

if you have any questions about what happend or what the doctor said or anything feel free to ask tried to keep this one short so people would read it before getting to bored...:P

// LonelyBoy (lucky he wasnt that lonely :P )

This sort of thing pops up periodically which is a decent indication that far too many people that use narghiles aren't bothering to understand the risks and how to reduce them.

First i'd suggest always lighting your coals outside since it won't set off any alarms and a lot of CO is produced during lighting.

When smoking I don't inhale mainly because for me it's about taste and craftsmanship but it also means I bring a lot less CO into my bloodstream. Basically you should smoke a narghile the way a good cigar should be smoked. See my thread about a new smoking method for an even better way.

I wait a good 20-30 seconds between draws depending upon the strength of what I smoke which helps. Also, every 15-20 minutes I simply stop smoking for about 5 minutes which helps to make the moassel taste stronger but also assures me that I never have to worry about too much CO. Lastly I never smoke more then 90 minutes a day (60 minutes is normal) and that seems to me the best.

Sitting around smoking for several hours is a terrible idea. Lastly, I always smoke outside when I am home since I like hearing the sounds of the sea but if you are inside a place without excellent ventilation I suggest that you do the same.
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