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Default Re: Hookah Issues (Temsah Wheat) :|

I'll have to try to find an airsoft pellet thing or just try to nab another ball. Foil seems to be working to cover it in the meantime.

Tried the water method for the base grommet thing and still having trouble with that. It's airtight so I guess that's what matters in the end but it just looks dumb atm.

For the water level I have the base with the multiple gold rings and the big one in the middle (think it's the same one as your talking about). Usually the downstem will reach at the bottom of the big gold ring and I'll fill the water to about halfway of that ring.

Tried it again last night, used JM Dr. Soda (this feels like such an imperfect science). Ended up trying to overpack the bowl just to see if I could get thicker smoke, double of regular foil, rest was the same other than that. Ended up getting a lot of thicker and smooth smoke, but I felt as if the flavor was kind of very faint and kind of a (lack of better words) soapy vanilla. Never really got a good flavor from the Dr. Soda so not sure what's up with that, so I'll have to try again with SB or Nakhla.

I've been in the same mindset as straykat, mainly about the ash. Before CH I was using some nasty QL that ashed alot and was afraid it would affect the flavor. I'll try to keep messing with it.
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