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Default Re: Nakhla Question

Originally Posted by kiper7 View Post
Imo nakhla it is very low quality of shisha. Dry, lack of smoke and chemical taste. It is one of the worst brands producing shisha. Only afzal and hennawy is worse than nakhla.
i know it's your opinion, but nakhla does not have a chemical taste. i'm not one of the many people here that say stuff like "nakhla is holy, bow down to it. you have chosen the wise path. nakhla is holy, bow down to it and kill babies", but i know that nakhla is a consistent tobacco that tastes the same in every box i get.

i've smoked 2/3rd's of nakhla flavors available in the US right now and all but 2 of them were great. if you only smoked tropicana and mango, then i see why you hate nakhla so much.

if it's "one of the worst brands producing shisha" how come nakhla double apple is the number one selling shisha tobacco in the world?

if you have trouble getting good clouds with nakhla, you need to either practice heat management, or add 1/4tsp of veg. glycerin to your bowl. nakhla isn't like starbuzz whatsoever. nakhla requires a little bit more attention to the bowl. but in the end, the buzz, taste, and clouds of the tobacco are outstanding.
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