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Default Re: Best Hookah Available!

I have not smoked out of a KM, however i have seen a few up close and they cant compare to the quality of the AF sryian hookahs. That bieng said.

Check out the Al Fahker Syrian hookahs. They are absolutely wonderful, and smoke very well. Solid rigs, no leaks.

As for the flavor, this is typically created by the tobacco. Not really affected by the hookah itself much. As long as you have the heat management right, and the right type of tobacco (naklah) or whatever you like to smoke. You will get the flavor.

Any type of hookah will work fine for you, as long as you look at the quality of the hookah overall. Meaning the welding, leaks, design of the stem (goes with welding) and purge. However, IMO the purge doesnt mean crap. So what if it takes a few seconds to purge. Im fairly green to this scene, but this is what i have read, and experienced, as well as gone by when i chose my hookah. I hope i have been atleast a little help to you.
(*Disclaimer* These are my opinions and mine alone. It does not reflect the opinions of others and is based on my personal smoking enjoyment and experience)
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