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Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
I have found that with the overpack method you get monster clouds and lots of flavor. I did this with the fahkfakina fruits, and it had A LOT of flavor. In fact it killed my hose lol ghosted it like an SOB. However, the heat management for NAK is a pain in the ARSE! I still cant get it right. Too little heat lots of flavor little smoke, too much heat lots of smoke cant smoke it cause it is harsh.

Naklah, from what i gather from what i have read here on the forums, is a high risk high reward tobacco. Meaning that it takes a lot of tinkering, but when you get it right its wonderful. I just havent experienced this yet.. lol
i wouldnt call it high risk, high risk is tangiers, nakhla you can get at least an ok session the first time you pack it up, but ya i agree that you do need some tinkering to get it going well some times. from what ive seen you need a good sized bowl, most bowls that come with the mod style hookahs are small, you need a good size egyptian bowl and you will great results

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