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Default Re: Hooka is DIVORCING me :(

My little pumpkin had the same issues and I did some open heart surgery on it and discovered this rusting tendency. Unscrew the purge cap and check the section of the purge valve where the ball bearing rests on if it is flat then the purge is in the wrong way around should have a deep indentation for the ball to rest in about half the ball must be showing. That would be where your air leak is coming from.

Ok just to clarify for the rest of the HP members here in South Africa we have a large influx of Illegal aliens mostly from Mozambique Zimbabwe and Nigeria the Nigerians are notorius for being Druglords and shady caracters here and thus some of the population takes huge exception for being called a Nigerian. So Hubbly is rightfully not trying to offend anyone just stating a fact. Being that HookahPro is an international community.

(I sometimes think we have more Nigerians Mozambiqcans or Zimbabweans than left in their Home contries here albeit legally or Illegally).

A while ago there was a situation here whereby the locals started going into the squatter camps and reffugee camps and assaulting the Illegals to force them to flee back to their homelands. Their reasonning was that the illegals were taking the food from the mouths of their children by working here causing unemployment for them.
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