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Originally Posted by chsknight View Post
shop online and buy Syrian, km's are yesterdays news
Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
+1 KM quality is going way down. I saw a couple of them a few days ago, and they were crap.

Go with a syrian. You cant go wrong with syrian brass. Also, look at www.**********.com He is the best online vendor!
KM's are yesterday's news? KM is the biggest name out of current makers of stems being sold in the US. KM quality going way down? What are you basing this off of? A couple crappy stems you've recently seen? There have been shitty stems from every kind since the dawn of the hookah movement stateside. I would agree that KM quality is going down in the sense that finish quality has been becoming more inconsistent from the batches I've seen but there seems to be a lot more KMs being imported now also. Materials of KM's and build in that regard has been consistent, with the biggest exception I can note is the use of thinner walled stem tubes in some of their lines over time but this in general has been offset by their use of slightly larger gauged stem tubes than KMs of old. Also, KMs are not galvanized steel like has been said here in the past. Anybody with knowledge of materials and a simple magnet would be able to see for themselves.

When you guys say go Syrian, what Syrian are you recommending? Syrian quality, or atleast what is available here, is down and has been down compared to what they used to be. Nour no longer brings in the same quality stems from manufacturers like they used to. From people I've talked to, quality Syrians are still made/can be had but due to expense and difficulty in dealing with those manufacturers, importers stay away and have been getting the cheaper shit. I've said in the past that Al Narwas quality has been going down from what I've seen, ie. the use of cheap practices like multi-piece tubing and crimped internals, but again this can also be the result of importers opting for cheaper goods. I've also said in the past that AFs are made by Al Narwas or atleast a manufacturer that uses the same components that Narwas does, and they too suffer from the same cheap practices. The latest Syrians that were brought in by Amir (IIRC) a little while ago were supposed to be a return to old Syrian quality but unfortunately that was not the case.

Knock KMs all you want but know that there a shit ton of them now so if you are going to talk down the entire brand as if you know it to be true of all them, please provide reasonings. People do read these comments and they can influence people's decisions when they come here for informed comments/opinions.

edit: For the record, I feel the same way about comments like "KM is the best".

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