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Default Re: starlight coconut coals...highly recommended...

I think i paid 7.99 for a larger box of them. They are a bit pricey IMO. However i have been using these for a while now. I did a review on them a while back. I have been very impressed with these coals. So much so, that i have started using these coals exclusively, and i wont use anything else.

The coals are the same size, they burn about the same rate, and give off excellent heat. I need to find a place that sells these things in larger boxes, or a bit cheaper price.

Here was my reviw on them

Starlight Natural Coconut Coals.

Ease of lighting: 7/10. With a gas stove, it took 5 mins or so to get them completely ready.

Smell: 10/10. Before you burn them, they have a slight coconut smell. After they are ready, there is no smell at all.

Taste: 10/10. They have no taste at all.

Length: 7/10. Honestly, the heat is excellent and very consistent. However they dont last very long at all. I would put 3 coals on and be able to smoke for maybe about 30 mins, before needing another 3 coals. The consistancy of the heat is great though. All three coals would burn down at exactly the same rate.

Ash: 10/10- Going from QL's that ash like crazy and fall apart when you touch them to these is a dream! Very little ash. When they did ash up, i just pick them up, tap them and the ash falls right off.

Price: 8/10. $7.95 for a box of 36 coals. My first box of naturals, so i am not sure about the average cost of these type of coals.

Overall: 8/10. The size of the coals are completely consistant in the box. They are all the same size. The coals burn perfectly. No smell or taste while using them. However where i am really disapointed in them is the length that they burn. As well as how long it takes them to get lit on a gas stove!! (5 mins +)... I will keep using the rest of the box, and update the review if i need to.
(*Disclaimer* These are my opinions and mine alone. It does not reflect the opinions of others and is based on my personal smoking enjoyment and experience)

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