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Even I will admit it, finding a solid syrian in the US now is very hard, that being said those 24" rigs and 28" nours that are sold on TH are actually pretty decent syrians, not the best but pretty decent.

KMs vary in quality, that is the nature of being hand made, and considering in a year the amount of KMs have exploded on the American market, you will notice a lot of good ones, and a few shady ones too, sadly. And by that I mean poorer welds etc.

For getting a syrian, at this point, I just say search the internet like a madman, and don't count out Ebay----if youre not getting an AF that is.

Also the H-S arent actually bad, even though they arent as good as they used to be.

I honestly tire of the debate myself, but of course used to argue it a lot but now, its just too hard for the average consumer to acquire an exquisite syrian.

I'm going to say that temsah has been one of the best bang for the buck hookahs i have. the wheat is sexy, and with some brasso its amazing. I chose to deploy with it because I didnt want to risk my syrians getting marred in any way, and I know my temsah is durable and a pretty solid smoke. sadly i wont see it till probably the end of november.

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