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Default Another Hookah help! Please!

I'm sorry for starting another thread of which Hookah to buy and I promise I have read several threads but I still myself stuck. So my dilemma is that I wanted to take the plunge and get the Al Fakher hookah, the small one as I really like my Mya QT and never thought it was small but just imagining something double its size is more than enough for me. But the problem is that the small one is nowhere to be seen. Tried Al Fakher website but they deny my card because of the address not being the same, the first website ever to do so, and I've done my share of online shopping through the years. So without John, what should I get wise members. Maybe a KM? I saw in that they had pretty small and cheap KM's. The ones i was interested where the bimetal and the heart of lione II Should I get those or are there any other better small KM's? or should I just stick to my QT and wait for the Al Fakher to restock with John even though he said he wouldn't get any soon?
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