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Default Re: trouble with changing release valve to hose adapter


i used one of the rubber grip jar openers to get a good grip on it, you dont want to use anything that is going to mar the threads... well if you want to use it again, if not just grab some vice grips (they really need to put an allen key cut down in the piece to take it in/out more easily). if you cannot get it with the gar opener grip thing try heating the stem with warm/hot water and try again. if that doesnt work then use pliers with something to pad them in between the jaws and threading. i wouldnt use WD40, first it doesnt do much good as a penetrating oil honestly and second then you need to clean off the residue that is left and probably replace the oring that seals that part up depending on what it is made from. along with the fact that spraying a semi toxic flammable substance into a hookah just doesnt seem to jive well with me

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