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Default Re: Give me the run down on Tangiers.

Originally Posted by shawnwhyte View Post
So obviously Lucid has less of a buzz, but is there a difference in juice/flavor/etc?
Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
noir and f-line both require accimilation, noir is their normal(also known as OG) and F-Line is a caffinated mix.

Lucid is their washed mix, it does not require accimilation and can be smoked like a regular shisha.
All three may require acclimation just like any other brand that uses glycerine as a base. Noir & F-Line require it more often because of their very low water content. Lucid is also low water content but doesn't seem to require acclimation as often. When I compare Lucid next to Noir, both are juicy but Noir seems to be more oily and Lucid more watery (thinner, less viscous juice). FWIW, I smoke a lot of Tangiers and never acclimate.

F-Line has been discontinued so if you would like to try it, buy whatever you can find.

When Lucid was created the flavor formulas did not change from Noir. Not all Noir flavors are available in Lucid because the formulas don't translate well. Green Tea and Chocolate Cherry work in Lucid but not well in Noir which is why they are Lucid only. As for flavor/smoke, Noir > Lucid in every instance I've tried both in. I think of Lucid as a Diet Noir or Noir Light.

It's best to store Tangiers in a shallow container as to minimize separation of flavors. Stir the hell out of it before packing a bowl and don't just take from the top. Also, Tangiers is less dense than other brands so it needs to be packed tighter.

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