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I do not back up brass because it brings out flavor better at all, I wouldn't say that, but I would say that i prefer hookahs with a tad bit of restriction because wide open hookahs seem to have more of a "hallow" flavor, if that makes any sense, its like the more focused smoke for me focuses the flavor on the palate. but this isnt something too many people on HP experience i feel.

i just like a heavier construction and solid brass ends up bringing that, also the brass rigs to me are just more attractive.
I totally agree with everything photolinger said here. I just recently bought a Temsah, and the first time I set it up the pull was entirely too easy/light. As a result, the smoke was thinner and less flavorful than I was accustomed to. Since then I've adjusted my set up a bit to add a little restriction and am much happier with the smoke (flavor and density).

To the OP - FWIW, before I bought my Temsah a couple weeks ago, I've been smoking the same no-name egyptian hookah for 7-8 years for ~$50, and there's nothing wrong with it now. Any well built hookah, regardless of brand, will last you a good long time as long as you take care of it. A $200 hookah by KM will be of the same quality as a $100 hookah from KM, just bigger and fancier. Keep that in mind when making your decision...
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