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Default Re: Give me the run down on Tangiers.

I only smoke tangiers. I go through about 2 kilos a month of it. I love the stuff. I never tried lucid and don't want to. I don't get buzzed off it anymore which is a shame but it still calms me down. Which is needed otherwise I'd flip out on my gf much more than I already do. lol Either way if your interested the best flavor I have ever had from tangiers is lemon. It smells and tastes just like lemonheads. lol The grapes are good, and by grapes i mean grape and white grape, also the cherries (cherry machiato, kashmir cherry) are extremely strong, I think cherry machiato is the strongest stuff tangiers has. I've talked to Eric (Owner and creator of Tangiers) and he has told me that not all of his tobacco is created equal and that cherry machiato has a little bit higher NIC count then most others. So if you want something to floor you... if you can handle it... get cherry machiato. lol
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