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Default Re: Best Hookah Available!

Is Tamseh another word for an AF hookah or syrian? I feel like a noob now.

Anyway I would rather restrict airflow from my bowl than hookah. After all thats what the point of the foil is right? Anyway I want a full throttle no restriction hookah, I already have a mya that has slight restriction and I hate it.

FYI guys I just bought a Vortex glass, metal, and clay bowl. I'll be doing a review on that as soon as I get it.

The KM i'm thinking about getting is the most custom KM I've ever seen. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. Although even with my discount from the owner its still costing me like 165 bucks. and he knocked off like 65 bucks for me. Trust me once I put up pics of it you'll know what I mean by custom. Its soooo beautiful. I stare at it every day at work from its pictures, I think this is how you feel right before someone addopts a child. lmao
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