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Go here to look at J and R Syrians:

You'll have to get in contact with Jimmy though because he doesn't always have what's on the site in stock. Shoot him an email and he'll let you know. His username here is HookahETC

Now to answer your question if it's normal to want a hookah so soon. Well, I personally like to use my hookahs for some time before buying another one. Usually more than 5 months is the normal waiting time for me to consider buying another. I recently purchased a Syrian (which isn't here yet, but will be Monday ) not because I needed it, but just because I wanted to own a hookah from the last place I don't have one of. I already have an Egyptian, Mya (chinese), and now soon a Syrian. My Mya smokes like a dream and I'm definelty not retiring her, but I just wanted something different because I got bored, lol...

I guess it's normal to want a different hookah after some time, but I wouldn't get one so soon after I just finished getting the hang of it. But that's just me, and you can do whatever you want with your money so... I personally suggest going with a quality Mya or a Syrian. You can't go wrong with either one.
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