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Default A few questions about KM hookahs before I buy

Okay, I'm about ready to pick out a KM hookah, but before I do there are a few questions that I'm having difficulty finding the answers to.

First, with my Mya hookah, I clean it out each time it's used. It's easy because it comes apart and I can do it in the kitchen sink. It would appear that the KM hookahs don't come apart. Which, in my case, would make cleaning them each time a huge pain in the butt (especially during winter months). So, is it still necessary to clean the KM hookah each time, or can in be something that's done every couple weeks?

Second, the major reason I'd like a KM is because I hear tell that they have huge hose adapter gauges making the draw really easy. Is this true of all KM hookahs, or are there certain models I should be looking for?

Finally, I'm still not sure what the benefit of the hookah's size is. Especially once you get past like 24 inches. So, I suppose I'm wondering if there's any practical value in going for something bigger, or is it just the 'wow' factor?
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