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Lightbulb So I Need To Stock Up And Need Help!!!

I usually order my shisha from hookah-hookah, and I'm sorta wanting to venture now lol, so i need everyone and any ones help. These are the flavors/brand I've tried tell me what else I'm missing out on:

Tonic: Double Pear.

Starbuzz: Exotic Citrus

Fusion: Pina Colada.

Fantasia: Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade.

Hookah-Hookah: Pina Colada, Cola, Wintergreen, Grape, Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry, White Grape, eTc!

Al Fakher: Mint, Watermelon, Apple.

Black ( Grosssss ) : Champagne, Wintergreen, Irish Cream.

Al-Amir: Pina Colada

And I've tried like Starbuzz 'Code 69" & 'Blue Mist' and other Starbuzz ones. at hookah cafes, and what not. I've tried Deja Vu 'Blue Mist' as well.

Any information would be helpful , especially if you know where to buy it for the right price, including shipping and what not. And if you know about any deals from that vendor. I need to stock up. ...

I have a Mya Diva and a Egyptian mini vase with a modern stem, and a Nammor hose. Idk if that matters or helps. I just wanna know yalls suggestions.

And is jM's Shisha any good?... Whats so different about it?...


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