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Default Re: A few questions about KM hookahs before I buy

i find cleaning my KM which is 34" tall to be very easy, the included brushes i got were more then enough to clean both my base and my stem perfectly each time. i do own a 24-29" myan adn even though they can be broken down it doesnt really make cleaning any easier in my eyes, if you go with a phunnel bowl cleaning is even easier, though thats not hookah specific.

as far as how often i clean it, really ill smoke out of it quite a bit without cleaning cause it gets used often, it gets one real though, hot water baking soda lemon juice like hour and half clean every week, not neccary but i do it, then once a day it gerts a nice brush clean takes all of 12 minutes, i also clean before i review.

the hose gauge on the KM is standered size from what i understand and my myan inculded hose worked fine with it, though the km hose is much better. the entire hookah design give it that effortless pull. every KM model will smoke superbly.

height is said to cool the smoke, i persoanly do not like the look of small hookahs (anything under 29"is just tiny, and minis in the 12" area to me are just toys) but to each his own, this ones a 34" my next will be atleast a 42, the bigger the prettier.
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