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Default Thinking of placing a new order, need some advice

Well I'm gonna take advantage of the free disco pumpkin hookah with any purchase over $50.

So far I've got a Washable Hose & a Mya Ceramic Bowl.

As far as tobacco goes, I'm thinking:

- Al Fakher Mint 50g sample -> I'm not really a big fan of mint so I'll mix it with something mostly. My girlfriend loves mint, so I'm mainly getting it for her.

- Nakhla Cherry 250g -> Any opinions/comments/suggestions on this one?

- Nakhla Strawberry 250g -> Anything to say about that?

- Nakhla Sweet Lemon 250g -> I know it's popular, so I'm not expecting any negative comments for this one

- Hydro Herbal Hydropeach - I really want a good Peach flavor without having to spend the extra $2 for 250g of Mizo so I figured I'd give this a show

Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm just looking for some good fruit flavors. I'm not really a fan of any candy or other artificial flavors like Cola, Gum, Butterscotch, etc. so Fruit is the way to go IMO.
I'm also not really trying to buy any of the Premium tobaccos. I don't have unlimited funds and I'm trying to squeeze as much out of this $50 something dollars as possible.

And advice, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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