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Default Re: So I Need To Stock Up And Need Help!!!

Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
JM's has been well received and plenty of people would recommend it. Given that your experience has been with washed tobaccos you would most likely appreciate the qualities of JM's. As far as other washed tobaccos, I don't have much experience with them apart from a few select AF flavors(Jasmine, Mint and Golden Esk. Apple).
If you're looking for a complete change of pace, I'd recommend Nakhla. Nakhla has consistent flavorings and they tend to be natural flavors. Nakhla is less washed than than the products that you listed so you might not want to try it based on the higher nicotine content. If you take it slow you might respond to the transition better. But also Nakhla wont produce the same kinds of clouds that you're used to with the washed, glycerin tanks. You can get some very respectable clouds from Nakhla if you are careful with your heat management. I love the flavors of Nakhla and would recommend Sweet Melon and Double Apple as some staples of my current stock.
AF flavors??... Washed tabaccos?... How will/does it change the complete change of pace?... Higher nicotine content?.... What do you mean by respectable clouds? And how will the heat management effect that in what ways?... Thanks for the recommendations, i appreciate it, but i am very like, anxious to learn about all this, if you have the time to explain it that is... Id appreciate it a WHOLE LOT! And what is this about glycerin tanks? Im sorry i ask alot of questions, but its cause i wanna learn. =) And what is this with the brand of 'Tangiers' why is it so different?, how is it different?... and theres like 34398576 different types of tangiers like i dont understand.

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