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Default Re: A few questions about KM hookahs before I buy

"So, is it still necessary to clean the KM hookah each time, or can in be something that's done every couple weeks?"

My routine is to alternate a good rinse and a full scrub, every other session. This is enough to prevent a buildup.

"Second, the major reason I'd like a KM is because I hear tell that they have huge hose adapter gauges making the draw really easy. "

The larger (read not mini) KMs have a great, wide open draw. Often the source of compliment and complaint here on HP. Not everyone wants a wide open draw.

"Finally, I'm still not sure what the benefit of the hookah's size is. Especially once you get past like 24 inches."

After say 30 inches, it's a lot of wow. In my experience, it doesn't help much cool smoke or do much more. They do make a throatier sound. They are more difficult to move around, look after, store, wash, polish, and prevent from tipping in a wild crowd.
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