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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

Originally Posted by shawnwhyte View Post
Well, I was at a hookah lounge back at school a few years ago.
My friend and I were just about finished with our bowl.
These girls sat down a few feet away, obviously not too sure what they were doing, just trying something new based on one of their friends choice to go there.
One girl pulled the hose too hard and the rig went down. Nothing broken, but coal flew, almost hit one of the girls.
Well, soon after, they just left.
My friend and I, looked at eachother. Without saying a word, both got up, retrieved their fresh bowl, returned the hookah to the counter, and went on to smoke the new bowl.

Over all, a good time for us.
LOL thats a good story ^^

one time my sis and her friend were over my house. She was begging for hookah and annoying the shit outa me.

I finally decide to set it up, put the coals on. My sister decides to cross her legs and pulls the hose with her foot. SMASH. bye bye base.
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