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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

i was shoving ice into the base of a mini hookah which would barely fit normal ice cubes and i was hitting the ice with the back of a knife and all of a sudden it shattered in my left hand cause i hit the ice to hard. got a couple nice cuts.

also i put a towel under my normal sheecool hookah in case i dropped a coal. it was almost done so i picked it up with the tongs and decided to squeeze and see what happenes. apparently if you squeeze a dying quicklight it explodes. good thing i had the the towel there. not seeing any large fragments i shook out the towel and walked away. don't ever shake out the towel. i came back to a plasticy burning smell and a nice black hole in my girlfriends carpet...she would be home in a couple hours...
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