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Default First smoke from my first real hookah!

So forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this but I am just so happy with my purchase from Hookah John (I already posted a vendor review)

I've owned crappy hookahs before, a little Chinese, a 4 hose Hookah Table (smoked terrible just a gimmick that I bought into); but now I'm proud to say I'm the owner of a great little hookah the Mya QT.

This thing is so nice even with the stock equipment. The only thing I added was a homemade wind cover out of a monster can.

And in celebration of my Mya's maiden smoke, my friend brought over her 32" hookah and we lit up both.

I had my QT going with just stock equipment and some Cherry Nakhla (sort of a test of it's capabilities) while we set up the 32" with my new funnel bowl and some grape Starbuzz.

The smoke was great from both but the Starbuzz really shined tonight. My friend and I didn't think a new bowl could change a smoking session so drastically, I actually tasted the grape! And using CH quick lights the session prolonged for a great while without any of the charcoal flavor. We even coaxed out my housemate from the nice warm house into the freezing cold to come smoke with us.

Tonight was hopefully an example epic-ness of our future sessions.


P.S. Does anyone know of a good size can or jar that could be used for a homemade windcover for a funnel? I tried the search function but didn't get anything funnel specific, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough?
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