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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

Originally Posted by EwokHookah View Post
I used to have this crappy little Chinese hookah that my roommate and I used to smoke. The house that came with it broke so we went out and bought a new hose which was way to big for the hookah.

One night we're sitting smoking watching a Lakers game and I pass the hookah to me roomate. He tugs on the hose just ever so slightly and the whole thing tips over into his lap. Needless to say our couch got a few nice burns as well as our rug, my roommate ruined his favorite basketball shorts, and nearly became one of the many infertile men in America.
i've also done that.
minus the hookah tippage.
but i bought a large hose for a hookah that it can't even fit.
and then used the biggest hose a mini hookah can use and ALMOST tipped it.
but i was careful and changed the hose before any damage had been done.
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