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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

I got a story that tops everyone! Once I was at this party and I always brought my cheap chinese Inhale hookah, which I still have to this day! So after making my bowl while loading it 100% with tangiers I light the coals and start to smoke. Well my hookah doesn't have a purge or bearings for the two hose inlets so you have to remove your thumb from the top to clear it. So this girl I knew walks up and shes screwed up my hookah plenty of times by breaking bowls, knocking it over, and soo much more, so thats why I loaded it with tangiers because I knew she wouldn't like it and would leave me alone and possibly could go a night without her breaking it. I tell her "its extremely strong, you wont like it" she says in her drunken slurry "you dont know shit" lol. So she takes a huge hit, caughs up a lung and goes "thats gross!" Now what happened next I didn't expect... she brings the hose up like she is ready to take a hit and blows into it instead! Now I have my thumb plugging my hose pretty hard so instead of clearing it my hookah shoots up water straight through the bowl and ruined not only my tobacco but also my coals and nastied up my hookah so I had to clean it along with make a new bowl and light more coals! We now call her old faithful because of that. I named my inhale hookah after her. lol
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