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Default Re: Thinking of placing a new order, need some advice

Originally Posted by joevincett View Post
What's Nakhla Sweet Lemon haha

Also, I wouldn't make an order just to get a free hookah but if they have all the tobacco you want then go for it!

Get some of there Nakhla Two Apples in the can!

Sweet Melon, sorry.

Well I'm going to buy this stuff ultimately anyways, so I figured why not make a bulk order, save on shipping AND get a free hookah!

Well I've got plenty of Double Apple at the crib, so I don't really need that. But trust me, if I didn't have any DA, it would be #1 on that list!

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
Great. When you fire up that 'Disco Pumpkin' you can dig through that old vinyl your folks listen to when you're not home.
I didn't know I need a Disco Hookah for that!

Originally Posted by EricRuiz View Post
Don't get the hydropeach, it tastes good for the first 10 min, but it has a undertone of HAY! and the mizo peach isnt good either, it tastes and rose and peach. The best peach would be AF peach or Al waha. And go for AF eskandarani apple and AF cherry, it tastes spot on to marnashino cherries.
Alright, no hydropeach for me then. Maybe I'll get the Mango/Tropical flavor, it got some good reviews on here.
I just want to try Hydro Herbal, so I figured I'd go with Peach since there hasn't really been any reviews on it.

I'll look into the AF or Al Waha Peach.
Same goes for the Eskandarani Apple and Cherry. Are those consisten flavors or are they more like the Grape flavor where one might turn out to be Ketchup??

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
I would no recommend nak strawberry. Very underwhelming. How about Nakhla El Basha Jasmine? Or Chocomint. MMMmmmmmm.
Hmm... is there any good, natural strawberry flavors out there??
Well I'm not a fan of flowery flavors or artificial flavors, I'm more of a fruit kinda guy.
But I'll look into it!

Thanks for the input! Greatly appreciated!
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