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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

Originally Posted by FreshSesh View Post
I brought my two hosed Sphinx to a house party one time. It was a great party with fun people and the whole nine yards. My hookah was an instant hit, every one admired the cobra hoses and the matching black pyramid base, as well as the plethora of flavors I offered. We had 3 couches around the hookah, with it being in the center. One kid decided to get up, and being impatient, got tripped up on a hose and sent the rig to the ground. I was fast enough to save the hookah from crashing to the ground, but the bowl knocked off and a 2 inch chip flew off the rim of the bowl. It was my only bowl at the time, so after some intuition and extra foil, we were able to keep smoking out of it. After the half-bowl was torched again, I sent my friend to fill it up with more shisha in the bathroom. After a minute of anticipation, a loud shatter resounded from the bathroom....
I feel like that story hits too close to home.

I don't particularly have a good party-foul story. At least not worth sharing in the midst of some of these. But I have a story from a friend.

A friend and his brother decided to take their small Mya hookah to happy hour at a local bar. They have a patio and planned to smoke outside. The smoked for about 10 minutes before some random guy walking by the bar walks up. He stands there fore a second then picks up the hookah and throws it on the ground shattering the base and bowl. Without saying anything, he just walked away like nothing happened.
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