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Default Re: Buying a hookah in 2 days, KM or Temsaah?

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
Yes, always thoroughly clean your hookers!

Temsaah material quality is on par with KM as they get their castings from the same source. The first waves of them came in with inconsistent build quality. Not all were bad though and I think forum reviews and opinions have made them out to be worse than they really were. The person bringing them in has been on them about it though and each wave of them gets better and better in terms of consistent finishing.

KM is currently going the opposite direction. Build quality seems to be becoming more and more inconsistent from what I've seen.

Personally I think the cast open chambers of Myas are very difficult to clean after the stem has been used for sometime. This is because of the very rough finish that the sand casting leaves on the interior surfaces. Eventually so much gunk builds up in there it becomes impossible to clean it all out. I've grinding mine out smooth but there are areas in there that cannot be reached with a grinder.
I have found that vinegar works well, but you are of course correct, my 3 yr old mya just tastes like 1001 Nights now - after vinegar/baking soda/dishwasher multiple times. That rough brass sucks.
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