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Default Re: Buying a hookah in 2 days, KM or Temsaah?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
And last but not least can someone tell me why brass is better than what is standard(Steel is it?)?
Brass stems are made up of cast pieces and are usually thicker & heavier because of that. Stainless steel stems are formed and hollow. Material wise, arguments can be made both ways but none seem to really matter IMO. If build quality is good on either one, it's up to personal preference as performance won't be different assuming same internal construction. Many prefer brass as those stems tend to be heavier and thicker (harder to dent) than SS counterparts.

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
Does a temsaah world cup smoke as well as a KM does? I know I've heard they are from the same manufacturer but I don't want any restriction.
It depends on what kind of KM you compare it to. The gauges are similar to a KM trimetal. The castings come from the same place but KM and Temsaah are their own manufacturers.
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