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Default Re: Wow, I just smoked cherry flavored nyquil!

"Golden Layalina BTS tasted like tires."-SAMBOOKA"

Thats why its called BTS -" bits of Tire Stuff"

Anyway i got side tracked. I havent been smoking tooo long, But i have a few.

Tangiers Kashmir Peach- Cant describe it, but it wasnt good.
SB- Exotic Sweet Apple- tastes like really bad tobacco with a hint of something that wishes it was apple.
SB-Sour Apple- No flavor, just tasted like dust or dirt.
AF-Lemon- OMG this tasted like i was smoking lemon pledge or the way that the thick lemon scented diswasher detergent smells. It was NAAAASTY.
Fantasia- Adios *&^!@#% - This tasted like a mix of citrus, and old lady perfume. It was horrible. If you like old ladys, give this a try.
(*Disclaimer* These are my opinions and mine alone. It does not reflect the opinions of others and is based on my personal smoking enjoyment and experience)
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