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Default Ayala's Herbal Water // I need opinions

Ok. So I work at this Italian gourmet market type place. And the head of the merchandising asked me to try this new water they were asked to sample.

Ayala's Herbal Water. The flavor he handed me was Lavender/Mint. Upon tasting, instantly made me crave my hookah, and after being told I could keep the whole bottle, I took it home, and here I sit awaiting to fill my hookah base with it. The only question, with what do I smoke it with?

Here's what I have to choose from:

Nakhla Mint
Nakhla Double Apple
Nakhla Strawberry
Romman Good Times (citrus/mint)
Romman Sweet Start
Romman Watermelon
Romman Ivory Coast (pineapple/grapefruit) - winner.
AF Grapes with Mint
King Moassel Kiwi/Strawberry
Rosetta Vanilla Spice
HookahHookah (My blend off entry) Pineapple/WhiteGrape/Cherry/Cola/Clove

If you can find this water, I recommend as a base filler. I don't know the price of it as of yet, but will find out.

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