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Default Re: So I Need To Stock Up And Need Help!!!

someone please correct me if i am wrong, but tangier's noir is the standard tangier's line. it is VERY heavy on the buzz and will probably hit you pretty hard if you aren't used to smoking unwashed tobacco.
Apparently the Lucid line is the washed line, with less nicotine in it. this will pack less of a buzz.

Now, as for my reccomendation. NAKHLA=GOD'S GIFT TO EARTH. there is a reason why so many people on this sight are nak freaks. its great! i reccomend the cinnamon flavor and their entire mizo line (mizo is their wetter line). not only is the flavor consistantly great, but nakhla can handle a lot of heat and is hard to burn, which makes for an enjoyable smoke without worrying so much.

as far as clouds go, with the glycerin drenched shisha you are going to get verryyyy big clouds, but if you smoke nak right you can get VERY respctable ones as well. it won't be like starrbuzz big, but they will still be pretty good looking and full of flavor.

and for vendors...JOHN. **********.com is the best vendor sight out there because of his rediculous customer service. he gets the order out lightening quick and a lot of times calls personally to confirm or at least writes a nice note. there are vendor codes here :

anyway, hope that helps.
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