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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

the party foul- of party fouls:

I was at a party that wasnt very big, maybe 30 people max. and the house was pretty big so it was pretty spacious and stuff. anyway my friend's KM world cup was ripping like a champ (as usual) when a girl walked by, hitting the hose and knocking it over, breaking the base, shattering the large phunnel bowl, and bending the tray. BUT THATS NOT ALL! in the process a coal flew into her pocket on her jacket, burt her and her jacket (BAD), and another one hit the cat. IT WASN'T HURT, just had some awkward looking hair. and on top of all that, her friend decided to stomp out the coal, which just spread the burn around on the carpet.

needless to say...this was a buzzkill.
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