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Default Re: So I Need To Stock Up And Need Help!!!

Originally Posted by swaflyer1 View Post
if you have smoked starbuzz, you know that you take a small hit an get MONSTER clouds, and with nak if you still smoke it well, you will get thick clouds too. not as big, but still thick.

from my experience, nak has a much more natural taste, with other shishas being chemical tasting. they have consistantly good flavors with no bad chemical aftertaste.

i haven't tried the F-line, but the phunnel bowl as far as i can tell is designed to keep flavors in, because it doesn't drop down the holes in the bowl. am i wrong anyone?

Hmm all right, i get it i think... So far i got, Tangiers, Nakhla.. And buy from Hookah John... Mmk... Anyting else i should get?.. Ill order one F-line. one lucid, and one regular, and what flavors?... Anyone?

Still open for anything =)..

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