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Default Re: KM Americana Mini

To be honest, I bought it and sent it back.

Not a high quality pipe by any means.

Ok, I'll elaborate, from reading the previous posts in this thread.

Vase: Total Crap.
Stem: Center looks kind of alright, but not even half as cool as it does on the internet pic. The gauge of the center stem is wide for a little hookah, I like that, but the hole leading to the hose port is tiny, which defeats the purpose of the wide center. The shank is tiny. The tray platform is crappy. The tray is the crappiest thing I have ever seen, wobbles all over the platform. The hose port is nice, wide gauge, but doesn't matter as the shank hole is too small. The pipe is very light, and there are no brass parts, except for tiny little rings on the top and bottom of the stem - but once again, you can barely even see them, they look better on the internet. The tippy top of the stem that holds the bowl is so tiny my phunnel was too large for it without a Mod Gasket.
Hose: What a POS, holy crap. How can one even call that a hose!
Bowl: The bowl was a nice egyptian bowl, I liked it.

There's my mini-review, and then i sent it back literally an hour after I bought it.

PS> This review, by no means, reflects the quality of the vendor, whom I will DEFINITELY do business with again if there's something I want from their shop. Dealing with these guys was great, and I highly recommend them as a great vendor. The return process, which included sending emails back and forth to an employee/owner, took about 20 minutes, which is awesome.

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