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Default Re: Kalutika rallies the troops

You just want a million pounds of tobacco.

Actually, Kalutika, you or Samb should win, but I think Samb is automatically DQ'd cause of last year, . Well, actually, there's a lot of blends I like on there, Apple Butter for instance.

Not that everyone's blends are bad, but some of them have chai, and obviously not many people have tried the chai and don't know how badly it will mess up the taste of their blends, it really is the worst thing ever, and I wish I coul show each and every person how epicly terrible it really is, and how it smells like milkweeds and antifreeze with a hint of clove and tastes even worse. It was so bad, my dog, who loves the smell of hookah smoke, sneezed when he sniffed the smoke air, backed away with a disgusted look, and walked over to the door and whined for me to let him in the house. This is a completely true story, and my friend even has it on video somewhere.

I think Bungle's would be perfect w/o the chai, and I think Dunkel's is the apple butter? Which looks freakin fantastic as well, cause if it tastes anything like the stuff I got from him, YUM.

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