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Default The Perfect Coal

I am torn between the coal that I use. Coconut coals are killer products in with my basis being their endurance, heat production and, my favorite part, the square shape. It could just be my OCD, but I thoroughly enjoy having symmetry and square coals help that, or any others that can achieve a uniform shape.
On the other hand, I think that natural lemon wood coals are the best coals to use. Lemon wood coals provide uncompromised flavor when smoking shisha tobacco. The two factors that bother me when using lemon wood coals are their lighting time and non uniform shape. Is there any way to have lemon wood coals in squares like coconut coals? Can they be in any other uniform shape since in a kilo bag you get all sorts of pieces and it can be difficult to find the right shapes to get a bowl heated up right?
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